Jaz Picking Up Unfinished MXR/RPS/JAS Projects

I made a post about this in my twitter

So I decided to continue to scanlate Honey Sweet Kitchen since the manga has 1 volume left (4 volumes in total) and I actually have all the last volume’s raw scans still in my files. I may as well work on other unfinished projects I had in MXR/RPS/JAS too, like Tsukumo no Hanashi and Mad Cinderella.

This website (Jaz`Scans) is still gonna be for doujinshi scanlations, so I won’t be working on other manga scanlations that wasn’t part of my old groups’ projects :> Maybe in the future if I feel like it…? Doubt it.

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  1. Um..hello…just wondering if your group can help translate the last chp + extras of Bokura no Negai? The one in mangago is still left alot of untranslated parts of it so it’s bit hard to understand them.

    1. I originally was going to. I already had permission from hoshikuzu and everything. But uhh yeaah I got hit by strong wave of depression. I really dont know when I’m able to beat it up but I will work on Bokura no Negai’s last chapter! Although if you can maybe help me find japanese raws for the extra chapters, I’ll hug and kiss you ๐Ÿ˜›

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