RELEASE: Bokura no Negai CH19+Extras

Bokura no Negai V3 CH19
by Yamamoto Kotetsuko

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This has been sitting in my files for a very long time and had been requested by someone from my old scans blog, “Just Another Scanlator.” Apparently there was a fan translation of this in Mangago but they didn’t completely translated it, the extras that came with the volume I mean. So, here ya go, people~~ I already added a note with the chapter, so enjoy~

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  1. Thank you so much for properly completing this series. I saw the version on mangago months ago but I stopped reading a few pages in. Yours is much easier in the eyes and I’m very thankful for that.

    1. I saw that one too and I honestly dropped it after one page which I can obviously tell they used MS Paint to type in the words (uwah im sorry to whoever did that chapter!) Ah, ‘m glad you like our version. The request was originally to scanlate the extras but ehhhh since no one pick it up, might as well just do it. I even asked about what happened with the last group, STK, they kinda went MIA so I had to ask Hoshi next.

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