RELEASE: Honey Sweet Kitchen V4 CH19

Honey Sweet Kitchen – Volume 4, Chapter 19

Author: Nanao Suzu +Β Artist: Yamamoto Kotetsuko

Read Online @ Mangadex

Mm. I’m gonna pick up my old groups’ (MXR/RPS/JAS) projects, more info here, that have already been translated by my old staff members, like Tsukumo no Hanashi and Mad Cinderella, both by Yamamoto Kotetsuko. Although, I know the latter manga has been scanlated up-to 25 chapters already, probably by the same person who uses the lq/chn scans in mangago, I’d still scanlate my own version ‘coz I’m a lil shit wee, and coz Aocchan worked hard on translating the series! D;

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