RELEASE: Honey Sweet Kitchen V4 CH20

Honey Sweet Kitchen V4 CH20

Author: Nanao Suzu +Β Artist: Yamamoto Kotetsuko

Read Online @ Mangadex

Aaah~ This chapter is really cute. I squealed and laughed so hard for two minutes at the last two pages. Maeda is cute and poor Minato-chan, haha! Also, Aocchan has already finished translating all the remaining chapters for this volume so it’ll just depend on me on when am I going to update next.

Due to adding a FAQ page, I decided to remove the download link for this (and maybe to the rest of the unfinished manga projects I’m gonna post here.) I also will only upload new manga chapters onto Mangadex, nowhere else. Sorry about that. Although I will upload them files on my mediafire account but no I’m not gonna share them. I also updated our info in the mangadex site.

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