RELEASE: Mad Cinderella V3 CH12-14

Mad Cinderella by Yamamoto Kotetsuko

Volume 3, Chapter 12 to 14 – Read them in MangaDex

Heyo~ I had time to organize my scanlation files today so I uploaded all the chapters I’ve scanlated for Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s Mad CinderellaΒ toΒ MangaDex. Volume 1 (chapters 1 to 3 and extra) were originally been scanlated by Bliss Scans, and according to MangaUpdates, volume 1 has been licensed by Digital Manga Guild but there was no news about them doing the rest of the volumes (for years???) so I decided to scanlate the series starting from volume 2.

If the series has been picked up again for licensing, however, I would like to ask everyone to please cease the distribution of this scanlation to any online reading sites, thanks. And for that reason, I won’t be providing download links for the rest of the volumes.

I am also aware that someone else (Ryina) have already scanlated the series from where I left off to the last chapter, but since Mad Cinderella has been one of my personal projects since MXR times, I won’t be able to feel the satisfaction of completing it if I don’t continue and finish it myself. And, well, I don’t really like the other version coz they used chinese scans for it ugh. To be frank, I am not doing this for you (readers); I am doing thisΒ because I love sensei’s art and I hate seeing them in chinese scans. Tyvm.

In all honesty though, chapters 12 to 14 was originally been released previously in my other site, Just Another Scanlator, but since I have terminated the blog just recently I decided to re-release them to this group name and continue where I left off.

Before anyone asks, I did asked Ryina (in mangago) if she wanted to collab with me, she’ll do the translating and I’ll do the editing, but since she declined, I didn’t share with her my hq scans that I found after weeks of searching for in the whole internet databaseΒ coz I’m a lil shit :>

See ya’ll next time~

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