RELEASE #1: TodoDeku – Midoriya’s Room

This is a re-scanlation from theΒ originalΒ I saw from MyReadingManga; I added the original translators to the credit page just in case. Tenten Coga is one of my fav artists for TodoDeku and I just had to redo everything because my perfectionism is tinglingΒ just check the original scanlation if you havent so you’ll know what I mean, sorry for being a lil shit.

Welp, here’s to Jaz`Scan’s first release!


Title:Β Midoriya’s Room
Artist:Β Tenten Coga /Β Pixiv ID:Β 461591
Rating:Β NSFW / R-18

Raws:Β deliciousale
Translator:Β yocchan + lucy dragneel
Proofreader:Β Jaz + meatsocool
Cleaner:Β  Jaz
Typesetter:Β  Jaz

Download: Mediafire | Read Online

Purchase:Β Toranoana


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